Corporate and Business Events

Holiday events are only  a small part of what ACWM offers to make your business and corporate parties fun. Have you also considered summer outings, grand openings, employee appreciation, teambuilding, conferences, product launches, recognition and awards, retreats, galas, celebrations, and your event? ACWM offers DJ, emcee, decor, design, planning, lighting and event assistance either as a turnkey operation or ala carte. 

Your event should not be work. You already have a lot of work to be responsible for, why not bring in ACWM and enjoy the event?

Lexus Event

Bad Events Go Into Your Review

Go with event pros who score high marks

ACWM leaves nothing to chance and works with only the best event pros in the south. ACWM also honors confidentiality agreements, works with your team with broad strokes or on a granular level, and ensures you get the best event possible!

A Celebration with Music! has posted hours of video containing endorsements, reactions, actual events, and much more on their YouTube channel, ACWMusicDJ. Please check out just a sample of the following videos below.