A Celebration with Music!

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How to Book ACWM

A question that comes up is, “How do we book A Celebration with Music?” Answer: It's easy, convenient, and anytime!

The process starts much like a call or text to your best friend. This is an exciting reason to reach out, and we are very happy to meet with you at your home, office, coffee shop, or our ACWM's shared workspace in Midtown Atlanta. If you are planning a destination event for out-of-town, ACWM has videoconferencing via Skype and other software packages.

At the meeting, there are  questions such as how did you meet, why did you choose the date, the venue, etc. What are three adjectives that you would use to describe your event? Why? What do you remember best about events you have attended? Why? What are items you have seen at events you did not care for? Why?

From our conversation, we will discuss ideas for your event and may have some immediate suggestions. You choose to book ACWM at that meeting, or take a day or two to think it over.

The contract is signed, and a 50% deposit is paid via cash, check, credit card. The deposit is non-refundable.

The happiest times are made with A Celebration with Music!

After the contract and deposit are settled, ACWM sets up your online area for planning. It is here you can keep track of music requests, to-do-items, timelines, communications with ACWM, and all of the elements that go into your event. You also have our phone numbers and text numbers to reach us anytime, anywhere. We can also meet anytime, and I will even bring a few pizzas over (Atlanta metro only). We will keep in contact to share information about how the planning is coming. Remember, we are a resource and very willing to listen to anything that is causing a possible issue so you can have a neutral assistant with loads of ideas who can offer a range of resolutions!

About a month before your event, we will schedule a second, more formal meeting. At this one, the music requests should be close to complete, the VIPs have been identified, and we can discuss any outstanding items that you need help with.

A week before, we will meet again to finalize all of the planning, complete payment, and confirm everything is a go.

The day of the event, we will arrive a few hours before everything begins. We will set up, go through everything, greet the other vendors, and prepare for the festivities.

When the day is over, our work is not done! We will follow up, friend each other in social media (if we have not done so already), and you can look forward to crazy stories about the life of a DJ who is obsessed with classic cars, bacon, leisure travel, and music. I will look forward to your experiences as well. 

If you loved the results of your event, we will ask you to take a few moments to rate us on WeddingWire, fill out a survery, and share your best!