A Celebration with Music!

Mobile DJ, Video, Design, Decor, Lighting



Lighting and Lightscape Ideas

Visuals to inspire thought for your event

paint with lightset the event mood

Lighting is a fun, easy, worry-free way to decorate your event space. Using a combination of fixtures and ideas, you can take a dark, plain room and turn it into a wonderland of magic and curiosity.

Mixing video elements in with creative lighting provides a total dream-come-true event for you, friends, family, and everyone at your event. Imagine the perfect color, branded monogram just for your event, custom slide show on the big screen, disco-style dance floor lighting, tasteful lasers painting stars in your night sky on the ceiling. Imagine one company bringing it to you, the way you dreamed it would happen!

Dream in Color and Images

Combine the power of the one-two shot of A Celebration with Music! for an aural and visual dream event, your event! Dreams become reality only with A Celebration with music!

Small space, big room, lighting ties it all together
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