Your Celebration in Lights!

Let's craft your visual dream in lighting

Let's say your event is in a beige ballroom, white front hall, dark backyard, in a tent, or in the middle of your favorite establishment. You love the location, but want to add a POP to make the room stunning. One of the most effective methods ACWM offers is to craft a lightscape that captures your guests' imaginations and takes them into your vision.

This Collage has four different, distincive looks, but is only one wedding.

BWBC Lighting Example

Trade Shows

Here is a trade show booth with just a splash of background color. The color makes the booth stand out without being overbearing or tacky. It is a refined look that contributes to the booth's elegant look.

Another Wedding Example

Your guests would never notive the walls are a very light beige. Washing the walls with uplighting and providing dance floor lighting that allows guests to dance under the stars creates elegant energy.

Effects are Eye Candy

The visual show created by a dazzling light show enhances what the music brings. Create a personal Son et lumière for your event!

A Celebration with Music! has posted hours of video containing endorsements, reactions, actual events, and much more on their YouTube channel, ACWMusicDJ. Please check out just a sample of the following videos below.