Other Events

A Celebration with Music! is a very versatile DJ and event entertainment company. If you need the best DJ Celebration Specialist for your event, make that call now!

Some events ACWM has been proud to provide services for have included, but are not limited to:

- Mitzvahs
- Birthday parties
- Milestones (graduations, promotions, awards, etc.)
- Car and motorcyle events
- After-party events
- Award banquets
- Outdoor carnivals, fairs, festivals
- Walks/runs/fundraisers
- Elementary and middle school dances
- Block parties
- Apartment and living community events
- Senior events
- Studio, filming, TV, and media wrap parties and events
- In-store events, promotions
- Halloween parties
- Christmas parties
- Pool parties
- Fall farm events, parties, movies
- Mall events
- Celebrity private events where confidentiality is required
- "Lock-In" parties
- Reunions

Whatever you can imagine, A Celebration with Music! can bring it to life!

A Celebration with Music! has posted hours of video containing endorsements, reactions, actual events, and much more on their YouTube channel, ACWMusicDJ. Please check out just a sample of the following videos below.