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Why settle for second rate or go off track? ACWM has a proven formula designed to work with your school, capture the school's personality and tastes, and delivers an incredible experience! Select just the DJ/Emcee, DJ with decor and lighting, or let ACWM design your chosen them and help your school market the dance for maximum benefit! The music is safe and administration can see it ahead of time via the interactive request list. Your school is given a link to share with other students to request music, so you always know ACWM shows up with everything the students want. ACWM also features music videos, on-screen messages, and interactive audience cameras to show on the big screen! You provide the canvas, ACWM paints it with your colors and textures! Look for #acwmusic, #atlantapromdj, and #djbgoode. References and videos can be provided. More info is available at and on the ACWM YouTube channel.

ACWM Proms are Featured

ACWM Proms have been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11 Alive, and in a substantial amount of local blogs

When ACWM does your prom, it is treated as a society celebration. It is covered as a media event and shows the Atlanta metro area just how elegant your event was and how great your students are. This is their chance to show off, and ACWM provides the method to showcase your event.


Schools and Colleges Keep Coming Back

Students and Advisors trust ACWM

ACWM reinvents and presents new ideas, concepts, and themes every year to keep your school's event fresh and entertaining. The music is always the school's requests, the decor is themed and color coordinated, and the light show is stunning. Video walls are an awesome option to showcase fun as it visually relates to the sound and lights of the night.


You Must Call Early!

ACWM School Events Book FAST

There are only a few Friday and Saturday nights in October, only a limited amount of time in February for Sadie Hawkins, and only a few late March and April weekends are available. ACWM wants to work with you, so do not waste time. Get in touch today!

ACWM has hours of video on their YouTube channel and personal references you can follow up with. 

ACWM works with schools across the southeast and can show you how to create a budget to get what you want for your prom without hassle or complaints.

Please remember, the best dates book quickly, so contact ACWM now!